Fremont Street Zipline


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September 30, 2013:
New SlotZilla zipline is going to be 11 stories high and will begin construction in January 2013. Currently the rates are $15 before 6PM, $20 After, and $5 off repeat ride


Longer Zipline:

The Slotzilla line is going to be longer. Last time I was there I saw a girl get stuck halfway and it took a couple of minutes to rescue her. Don't zip on a full bladder!

See Las Vegas Go By Beneath Your Feet

Popular hotels and casinos go by in a blur as you zip over revelers

Fremont Street ZiplineThe Fremont Street Zipline may be a new attraction, but it is going to get even more fun since plans are under way to extend the ride. If you have been down Fremont street recently, you may have heard the zippy sound of people gliding by on lines running from one tower to another beneath the large TV display overhead. The zipline has become so popular that it is being extended for an even more exciting ride known as SlotZilla, which will be an 11 story ride in the fashion of a slot machine (what else?) zipping tourists down Fremont. The new ride will be 1,700 feet long, and will offer a chance to stop halfway through the course and to have a "superman" style setup for people who want to hang horizontally. On top of all this, an optional power launch system will give riders the ability to be shot out of the ride faster.

A zip line is a pulley suspended on a cable which is mounted on an incline, which makes it possible to use gravity to travel from one spot to another. In the case of Fremont Street in Las Vegas, this is being done with two towers on opposite ends of the street. The ride begins at the Fremont Canopy and ends at the Four Queens casino, beginning on a 60 foot platform and ending on a 14 foot landing. The ride goes around 30 miles per hour, and looks like a lot of fun from the ground, which probably counts as free advertising. Some lucky travelers can also zip along as the overhead shows on the Fremont Street screen play every half hour. Even without the added attraction of the zipline, Fremont street features casinos and neon signs.

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