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April 29, 2014:
Lower Slotzilla (which sounds like an Eastern European country) now open.


Slotzilla Vegas Zipline:

The Slotzilla Las Vegas Zip Line is a brand new experience built around the idea of the Flightlines Zipline, but managed by Fremont Street Experience and including a fantastic (yet tastefully tacky) launching terminal shaped like a slot machine.

When does the Las Vegas Fremont Street Zipline Open?

Hours and Prices may vary.

According to the media, the hours are noon to 2AM on Friday and Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday through Thursday. Hours will change based on demand as well as the number of safety personnel on hand

Caveats for the new Slotzilla is that there is a long line during peak hours, people are brought up in elevators 12 at a time, and there is a weight limit (upper and lower) not only for safety but also to prevent people from stalling in the middle of the attraction. The powered zoom line is expected to have the same hours as the gravity-fed line, and as an attraction this is anticipated to have more than its share of fans.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This site is not the official site of the Las Vegas Fremont Street Zipline, so conditions may change.